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OFFICIAL Punishment Appeal || Information


Staff member
Feb 4, 2020
| Information
If you have a punishment that you feel was unfair, you can appeal it here. This section is for those who feel that they deserve an unmute, or unban prior to their expiry. Please know that creating an appeal does not mean that you will get your ban reduced. Despite the constant staff-based improvements, people always make mistakes. These mistakes are human. If you'd like to appeal, please use the below below to the best of your ability. Please remain patient while your ban appeal is up, as it may take up to 72 hours for your appeal to be addressed. If you fear your appeal hasn't been noticed, feel free to bump it via creating an additional message on it.

While appealing a punishment, save both of our times by being completely honest. If you are caught lying, your appeal will be instantly denied. Try telling us reasons why it would be beneficial to allow you back within our community, and what you've learnt while banned. Once you understand this information, you're free to use the appeal below.

Please use the exact format below.
Not using this format may result in an instant denial.

What is your in-game username?
Put your required answer here.

What is the in-game username of the staff member who punished you?
Put your required answer here.

What have you been punished for? How long is your punishment?
Put your required answer here.

Do you agree that you did something wrong? How will you improve on your actions?
Put your required answer here.

Why do you feel like this punishment was unjust, or why do you feel like it should be removed?
Put your required answer here.
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